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women fear of the dentist

How to get rid your fear of the dentist

Nearly 50% of American population avoid dental treatment due to their dentist phobia. That means approximately 30-40 million people neglect their dental issue for their fear and anxiety. But most of them don't know that it is crucial to maintaining oral health for an overall good

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Tooth Sensitivity

5 Advice to Reduce Tooth Sensitivity

Sensitive teeth whitening aside, some people still prefer the age-old home remedy of baking soda and a toothbrush to gently whiten teeth at home. Also crunchy fruits and vegetables such as celery, apples, pears and carrots act as natural abrasives that helps to scrub away stains

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dental keywords


W.R. Long Tooth bar for Tractors and Skid Steers Add a. The W.R. Long Bolt on tooth bar is simple and easy to install, it gives you the benefits of a tractor or skid steer bucket teeth with a simple two bolt installation. Wisdom Teeth Ask

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Teach children how to brush teeth

Learning your children how to brush their teeth the first time

Ever wonder what’s the proper age to start brushing your kid’s teeth? Some moms say that at 2 is best, others say the moment they start eating, while other moms say that as soon as the teeth comes through, brushing is recommended. Brushing their teeth is

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