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Peel Parade 7

Barnsley, S70 2RS

01226 320800


Queens Road 27

Barnsley, S71 1AN

01226 282723

Peel Parade 33

Barnsley, S70 2RJ

01226 212100

Victoria Crescent West 1

Barnsley, S75 2AE

01226 771471

Huddersfield Road 83

Barnsley, S75 1AA

01226 206023

Pontefract Road 226

Barnsley, S71 5PN

01226 779255

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How to get rid your fear of the dentist

Nearly 50% of American population avoid dental treatment due to their dentist phobia. That means approximately 30-40 million people neglect their dental issue for their fear and anxiety. But most of them don't know that it is crucial to maintaining oral health for an overall good

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5 Advice to Reduce Tooth Sensitivity

Sensitive teeth whitening aside, some people still prefer the age-old home remedy of baking soda and a toothbrush to gently whiten teeth at home. Also crunchy fruits and vegetables such as celery, apples, pears and carrots act as natural abrasives that helps to scrub away stains

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All Dentist Reviews Dentist Finder This is the A J K Dentist page. The A J K in Dunblane offers cheap dental treatment, dentist reviews, ratings, cheap teeth whitening, emergency. Area Guide Mayfield Court, Dodworth Transport links. While Mayfield Court is in the quiet village

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Use the right content of toothpaste for children

Bright and beautiful looking teeth add stars to your smile and hence it is necessary to preserve your teeth through cleaning so that you can always keep smiling in the same way. There are many types of toothpaste available on the market which promises to keep

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